• I'm Leaving Beaker!

    I’m leaving Beaker! You might be expecting this post to expose a controversy or detail complaints about working on the project, but there is no controversy, and the complaints I do have will be familiar to anyone who’s formed a company or maintained an open-source project.

  • Introducing Hashbase

    We’re Blue Link Labs, the creators of Beaker, a peer-to-peer Web browser. Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched Hashbase, a fungible hosting service for the peer-to-peer Web.

  • Forking Websites on the Peer-to-Peer Web

    One of the most interesting phenomena on the Web is the popularity of services like GitHub, CodePen, and Glitch, which provide tools for sharing, duplicating, and remixing other people’s projects. The practice of learning from and using existing code as boilerplate is a critical piece of what’s made innovation on the Web platform so open...

  • View Source on the Peer-to-Peer Web

    The spirit of openness has been baked into the Web since its formation. The Web was built to share documents written in plain text that could be downloaded and viewed transparently...

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