Today Code for Science and Society (CSS) announced that its Executive Director, Max Ogden, will step down from all leadership activities related to CSS and the Dat Project.

You can read the Dat team's complete statement, as well as the CSS board's statement.

Beaker's Involvement

I work on the Beaker browser, and part of our core technology is dat://, a peer-to-peer protocol that's developed by the Dat Project and sponsored by CSS.

While we have no official affiliation with CSS or the Dat Project, we work closely with them as colleagues and friends, so when we saw a report of sexual abuse by Max Ogden, we moved immediately to address it.

Since the report was made public, we've been working closely with Danielle Robinson, PhD and Joe Hand to establish how the Dat Project and broader Dat community will move forward, and to support them as they've stepped into new leadership roles.

Moving Forward

I'm proud to be part of a community that values holding its leaders and members accountable for unacceptable behavior, and even prouder to work with people who have risen to the immense challenge of holding their boss, colleague, and friend accountable.

We will continue working with CSS and the Dat Project, with Danielle Robinson, PhD and Joe Hand serving as co-Executive Directors, and Mathias Buus (lead developer for Dat) stepping up to serve as a Technical Advisor to CSS.

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