Tara Vancil

Hi. I'm Tara.

I'm the co-founder of Blue Link Labs, the team behind Beaker, a peer-to-peer Web browser, and Hashbase, a cloud peer service for files hosted with the Dat protocol.

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  • Towards a more democratic Web

    In the aftermath of the recent Harvey Weinstein revelations, Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter for breaching its Terms of Service. Twitter made an unusual move by commenting on the status of a specific user’s account, which it normally publicly declares it does not do. Twitter’s moderation policies have always been flawed. It seems to apply its policies inconsistently and often feigns helplessness when pressed. Many people who have suffered harassment on Twitter (largely women), are understandably fed up with Twitter’s practices, and have staged a boycott of Twitter today October 13, 2017. Read more »

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My work

  • Beaker

    Beaker is an experimental peer-to-peer browser built with Electron. Beaker implements Dat, a BitTorrent-style protocol for syncing and sharing files on a peer-to-peer network.

    With tools for staging and reviewing a project’s changes, viewing a websites at any point in its version history, and secretly sharing files without using a third-party service, Beaker aims to be a powerful toolset for publishing files and websites on the peer-to-peer Web.

    An experimental peer-to-peer browser built with Electron.

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  • beakerbrowser.com

    The website and documentation for the Beaker browser.

    With@pfrazee, I designed and built the website for Beaker.

    The website and documentation for the Beaker browser.

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  • Hashbase

    Hashbase is a service for rehosting files published with Dat, a peer-to-peer data syncing protocol.

    Hashbase is the counterpart to Beaker and Dat — because Dat archives are hosted directly from the user’s device and by peers on the network, files are not download-able if no peers are actively hosting them. Hashbase acts as a “super peer” guaranteeing uptime and availability.

    A service for rehosting files on the peer-to-peer Web.

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  • Nippler

    A satirical tool for replacing female nipples in photos.
    A satirical tool for replacing female nipples in photos.

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  • Shroud

    Shroud is a Node module for encrypting and decrypting secrets with a master password, and managing those secrets on the filesystem.

  • Shroud CLI

    Shroud CLI is a command line interface for managing passwords and other, secrets like recovery codes and password reset questions.

  • Twitter API Utilities

    A collection of scripts for working with the Twitter API

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