Today was the first day of the Recurse Center. I've understood for a while that RC is a special place that attracts special people, but experiencing it firsthand was better than I could have imagined. I met so many smart, curious, and kind people and I can barely believe I have the opportunity to be colocated with these folks for three whole months!

Most of the day was spent socializing or enjoying workshops that the RC staff and Fall 1 batch members organized, but I did find the chance to sit down and write some code. I paired for a while with my roommate Jhilene and eventually finished up a small Python module for converting a string to w-shingles. It's nothing fancy, but it was fun to write some Python after a long hiatus from the language. You can check it out on Github if you're so inclined. RC friends: ping me if you know Python and want to help me make this better! I'd love to pair with you.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the first "regular day" of RC, during which I plan to write some scripts to help automate publishing new posts to this blog, and to add some new features to the password manager I wrote in Rust several weeks ago. What's most exciting about that is that there are people at RC who also write Rust and might be willing to help me when the compiler makes me want to cry, throw in the towel and never think about Rust again. I mean, speaking metaphorically of course. I swear that's never happened to me...

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