Here’s the news: I’m joining Glitch!

I’m joining as a front-end developer on the community team, where I’ll help maintain

Glitch's homepage header image that reads 'Glitch is the friendly community where you'll find the app of your dreams'
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In November, I announced that I was leaving Beaker [1]. In short, I left because I want to be a full-time developer, but Beaker needed me as something more like a developer advocate/designer combo. I still love Beaker very much! It just isn’t the right team for me right now.

Why Glitch?

I joined Beaker because I believed—and still do—that the Web is at its best when it makes space for everyone to participate meaningfully.

We believe the Web can (and must) be a people-first platform, where everybody is invited to create, personalize, and share.


If you’re familiar with my work on Beaker, the parallels between it and Glitch should be apparent: both are one-click tools for publishing websites and apps, both let you “fork” or “remix” projects, and both teams are motivated by the belief that you shouldn’t have to be a professional developer to make, tweak, and explore the Web.

Glitch's in-browser files editor Beaker's in-browser files editor
The Glitch and Beaker editors

The Web as a Canvas

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have connected the world, sure, but they’ve also reduced online participation to a set of formats decided by character limits and emoji reactions.

Those constraints make sense on a global-scale social network, but if you look back on the creativity that came out of communities like GeoCities, you realize there's space on the Web for much more than what social media affords.

There's space for a community that's built on building—one that sees the Web as a boundless canvas, and cherishes the beautiful (and the weird) that emerges when you invite the whole world to paint on it. There's space for Glitch.

People Are Everything

Beyond building amazing tools, Glitch is committed to cultivating a friendly and fun community, no nonsense allowed. Further, Glitch and its previous incarnation, Fog Creek, have a long track record of treating workers well where it counts: good pay, great benefits, and offices with doors.

Joining Glitch is a natural next-step for me, and I'm so thankful for the chance to work with this stellar group of people.


  1. I remain a voting member on the board of Blue Link Labs, the company that houses Beaker
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